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Welcome! I provide classes, mentoring, and support to assist my fellow test automation professionals to succeed in their projects! Take a look around and explore the various services I offer, the clients that I’ve partnered with, and samples of my work.


Teaching and Consulting

Make your automation life easier!


As a Geb/Spock/Groovy automation teacher I'm developing online versions of my classes to help you learn how to best use this technology stack.   Watch this space for more information!

Customer Service Rep

Page and Test Object Generation Tool

Speed up your automation with a running start at creating page object models and field tests using a tool.  This will give you the tool set you need to advance your Geb/Spock/Groovy automation by providing regression tests and the building blocks you need to create more complex automation.

Work Desk


If you're using Geb/Spock/Groovy as your automation solution, I'm an experienced user and coach who would love to help you!

Web Consultation

Testimonials from My Clients


I have had the privilege to work with Suze on automation projects and now in coaching and mentoring roles.  She is a great asset in this space with her vast experience and knowledge of test automation.  She makes the learning of the technical side of automation easy and explains things in plan English. And her GSG automation of automation is a stroke of genius.  I highly recommend her series of learning materials.

Bambi Rands

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