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The Value of GSG Test Automation, LLC

Let’s Succeed Together

Welcome! I provide classes, mentoring, and support to assist companies starting test automation as well as my fellow test automation professionals to succeed in their projects! Take a look around and explore the various services I offer, the clients that I’ve partnered with, and samples of my work.

Let me help you start or grow on your test automation journey!

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Teaching and Consulting

Make your automation life easier!

Customer Service Rep


As  experienced automation teacher I'm developing online versions of my classes to help you learn how to best use these technology stacks.   Watch this space for more information!

Web Consultation


If you're using any of the above technology stacks as your automation solution, I'm an experienced coder, mentor and coach who would love to help you!

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Testimonials from My Clients

Are you ready to transform your Test Automation? Get in touch.

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Scott Hickey

Suze is one of the best test engineers I've ever worked with. She not only brings strong test skills to bear on a project, but she has great passion for implementing automated test solutions that aren't brittle. She has great instincts and talent for finding ways to automate the mundane. She understands the value that automated test suites bring to a CI/CD pipeline through her extensive experience in a DevOps environment. She has a great sense of ownership for the success of the projects she works on. Finally, she makes the whole team better by collaborating with her teammates and is an excellent coach for junior engineers.


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