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Whether you're a rank beginner at automation or an experienced automation engineer, let me help you make your coding life easier!


I’m Suze Bolduc and I’m PASSIONATE about automation!  My toolset of choice is Geb/Spock/Groovy! Although I'm starting to work with Cucumber/Cypress and Cucumber/Selenium.  I also have experience with Selenium and am always learning new things!

I wrote my first test automation while working on a homegrown solution using REXX in a VM/CMS IBM 370 environment in the 1990's. I then graduated to teaching HTML classes and other technical classes. Over time I taught myself automation tools like QARun, Test Complete, Selenium and Geb.

Currently, I am a Senior Test Automation Developer who teaches Geb/Spock/Groovy Introductory and Advanced classes and provides consulting and mentoring services to co-workers across the company. I am tester who codes(Automator) and NOT a full-stack developer!  Over the years I have worked in organizations of all sizes from being the entire the QA department to America Online in its heyday.

I specialize in setting up a company or project to do UI front-end automation and then taking their QA Professionals to the next level by making them Test Automation Professionals!

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My Resume

Sr Test Automation Developer

Sr Test Automation Developer
GSG Test Automation, LLC

  • Writing test automation framework classes with associated starter frameworks 

  • Working with clients to choose, setup, develop and train on automation

January 2023 - Present

Sr Test Automation Developer
Mutual of Omaha

January 2016 — December 2022

  • Advised teams on a test automation framework . 

  • Worked on UI Test automation using Page Object Modelling in various frameworks: 

  • Cypress/Cucumber  

  • Geb/Spock/Groovy 

  • Selenium 

  • Selenium/Cucumber projects 

  • Trained BAs and software developers on writing the selected framework 

  • Mentored and Consulted in the selected framework after the team was trained and ready to work on their own. 

Senior Mobile Test Automation Developer
APEX Systems, on contract at Mutual of Omaha

  • Wrote automated tests for websites using Java scripts and Selenium WebDriver under JUnit  

  • Wrote automated tests for mobile devices using Java scripts with Selenium and Appium under Junit  

  • Manually tested web sites and mobile devices  

April 2015 — December 2015

Sr QA Engineer
Risk Exchange Inc (FirstComp Insurance, part of Markel-Aspen)

April 2011 — April 2015

  • Wrote automated testing suites for web sites using ColdFusion scripts running under a MXUnit framework calling Selenium RemoteControl and was in conversion process to Java under a TestNG framework calling Selenium Grid.  

  • Used Selenium IDE to capture test steps, then added data providers and additional code to provide maximum usage of variations and scenarios. 

  • Wrote test plans and test cases to verify functional changes. Analyzed requirements and functional specifications, providing feedback to document owners and as input to test case design  

About: Resume
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