More About Me

Whether you're a rank beginner at automation or an experienced one, let me help you make your coding life easer!


I’m Suze Bolduc and I’m PASSIONATE about automation!  My toolset of choice is Geb/Spock/Groovy!  I wrote my first test automation while working on a homegrown solution using REXX in a VM/CMS IBM 370 environment in the 1990's. I then graduated to teaching HTML classes and other technical classes. Over time I taught myself automation tools like QARun, Test Complete, Selenium and Geb.

Currently, I am a Senior Test Automation Developer who teaches Geb/Spock/Groovy Introductory and Advanced classes and provides consulting and mentoring services to co-workers across the company. I am tester who codes(Automator) and NOT a full-stack developer!  Over the years I have worked in organizations of all sizes from being the entire the QA department to America Online in its heyday.

I developed the PATOG (Page and Test Object Generation Tool) because I’m way too lazy to write all that repetitive stuff myself!

I specialize in taking QA Professionals to the next level by making them Test Automation Professionals!