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Geb/Spock/Groovy Resources

Geb/Spock/Groovy is an exciting UI Front End Test Automation Framework.  It combines the power of Selenium with the Behavior Driven Development of Spock and the ease of coding in Groovy.

Startup Development Team

Online or In-Person Classes

Learning the Framework

Do you want to learn more about this framework?  Classes coming soon!

Coaching and Mentoring

Expert Guidance

Nobody knows everything, but I bring 5 years experience coding with this framework as well as many years in underlying technologies such as Selenium, Java and JUnit4.  I can help you solve your automation questions no matter how big or small they might be!

Customer Support Representative
Mac Desktop

Setting up a Project Framework

The Path to Success

The hardest part of any project is that first step.  Get a running start in Geb/Spock/Groovy by importing my framework template from my Git Site

Using Automation to Automate your framework

The Page and Test Object Generation Tool lets you get rolling even faster!

The Page and Test Object Generation Tool lets you get rolling even faster!  This tool can build the Geb Page and Spock/Groovy tests for each page of your website automatically.  Then you can concentrate on using the methods created by these tools to start working on the more complex business use cases and end to end testing.

Abstract Geometric Structure
Geb/Spock/Groovy Resources: Services
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